Salesforce API documentation could be better with API versions

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Once again I found a nice, no, necessary feature. When searching for RecordType-IDs in Apex, you could either query for them with SOQL (burning away the precious number of statements) OR you could just ask the schema.

With List<RecordTypeInfo> contactRTs = Schema.SObjectType.Contact.getRecordTypeInfos() you can get all available RecordTypes for this Object. With contactRTs[0].getName() you can get the label of the record type.

The label. This may be dependent on the language of the user, so it’s utterly useless in code. But there is also contactRTs[0].getDeveloperName() – yay! However, the documentation never states which is the minimum API needed for a function call, and this is absolute crap. Why not just add a line with the API-version? Otherwise you may get errors, which contradict the documentation.

Yes, I know that the Summer`18 release is not far now, so in this case it means that it was a bit more than a week before I can use this needed feature. But it cost me quite some time – checking if I had a typo, if I misread … and then finally a search for the release notes with this function. With the API version in the docs, this would have been a matter of minutes…