might have leaked data

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Some time ago I played World of Warcraft. Hell, was that addictive. I’m kind of happy that I don’t do it anymore. To be effective in raids I needed addons, which I got from And as I am wary to give out my main email address, I once again created one exclusively for this purpose.

For a few months now I find spam being sent to that particular address. It’s not an address you would easily guess such as info@ or contact@ or so, it was very particularly tailored so that it would relate both to curse and to my username on WoW. Mails to it are received in my catch-all inbox, where most of the spam lands.

This particular wave of spam is from “Sale4MichaelKors”, “Deals 4 Jordan”, “Pandora Jewelry” and “UGG Boots”. Stuff which I don’t receive for any other email address.

Now, I have contacted the support, but the last reply was “We can confirm that we are not aware of any mishandling of your user data, nor any incidents that would have exposed it. If you would like more information on Twitch’s Privacy Policy please feel free to read up here.”.

The fact remains that this is the one and only place where I used that email address. Either they have sold my information (I do not believe that) or the data has been stolen. I don’t claim it to be a recent leak. I have a Yahoo address, which was definitely compromised, and I could clearly see that the information obtained had not been abused for quite some time after the data leaked. I assume the same is true in this case. So the leak is not necessarily new.

However, I did not get any specifics what the ‘security team’ had looked into. Maybe they only looked at potential incidents this year, I don’t know.

What I know is: this email address was exclusively used with, and now I receive spam on it. I draw my conclusions from those facts.